CBD Pet Tincture


    Is your pet not feeling well? Suffering daily?  In pain?  Anxious?  Not eating right?  Has inflammation?  
    Holistic Veterinarians and pet owners are discovering the amazing benefits of CBD for pets.
    CBD is a derivative of Cannabis which unlike THC has no psychoactive or euphoric effects.  It will not get your pet high, but CBD is likely to make him or her feel a lot better, and that will make you feel better as well.
    PharmaXtracts special  CBD Tincture for Pets comes with 500 mg of CBD in 30 ml of medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.  The recommended dosage is .125 ml (1/8th of the dropper) per pound of body weight which delivers just slightly over 2 mg of CBD per pound.
    500mg CBD crystalline, 30Ml MCT oil